Tips To Keep Your Hearing Aids Safe During Summer

Summer brings more opportunities to get outdoors and get active, but it can also bring more challenges for your hearing aids. Wearing your hearing aid will help you make the most of every experience so you don’t want to have to leave it safely stored away.

With the tips in this blog you won’t need to. Instead you will be able to wear them with confidence and also enjoy every moment the summer brings.

Things to Avoid

  • Be careful when applying sun lotions, hair products and insect repellents. These all have their uses and make summer more manageable. Just be sure to  remove and safely store your hearing aid whilst you apply them. The chemicals within these products could damage your delicate device.
  • Although your hearing aid will have some protection against water, (check the IP rating) it is still generally best to remove and store them before swimming, showering or boarding any boat. Don’t worry if you get caught out in the rain, just be sure to thoroughly dry them afterwards and place within a dehumidifying box.
  • Direct sunlight and intense heat can also damage your device. So bear this in mind if you remove to participate in an activity. For example don’t leave them on a table in the sunlight whilst you’re in the pool. Instead store them safely in a dry box.
  • Moisture from humidity and sweat as well as dust can also damage the inner workings of your device. If you are going to a humid area, entering humid areas and back into cooler ones or likely to get sweaty during an activity. Wear a headband or try Ear Gear which acts as a sheath for your hearing aid. These provide a barrier to protect your device from damage.

Things To Take with You or To Prepare

  • If you are going to be moving around a lot or taking part in sports, consider a lanyard or the Oto Clip which will help prevent your hearing aid falling to the ground if it were to become displaced from your ear.
  • Have disinfectant wipes on hand to clean your hearing aid if it should get any dust or dirt on it. It is good practice to do this each night to remove any bacteria from the microphone and other small parts.
  • As mentioned above, a dry box is very useful for nighttime storage and cleaning, but is also useful to keep on you during the day for short term storage. There are many different products available at all price levels.
  • A simple soft dry cloth and a small cleaning kit will keep your device working optimally.
  • Spare batteries are always a good idea so that you are never caught short.

At Audionics we believe you should be able to “live your life the way you want.”

This includes enjoying the great outdoors! We hope this blog makes that more accessible for you. For more hearing aid maintenance tips click here and to book your next appointment call us on 212-755-5100 or complete this short form.

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