Tips for Trick or Treating Safely with Hearing Loss

It’s getting darker and colder outside. Soon, all the ghosts and monsters will come out to play on ‘all hallows eve’. This means fireworks, loud celebrations and tempting treats. Combine this with all the coughs and colds around, and they add up to a frightful time for your hearing health.

Without scaring anyone off the spooky festivities – the darkness, the noise and the distractions pose safety issues for everyone. But fear not, these tips will help anyone with hearing loss while “Trick or Treating.”

General Safety

Don’t be “frightened” of these six general safety tips:

  1. Take a flashlight, check it works and carry spare batteries. This can help with signing, lip reading and watching out for where you are going.
  2. Stay in groups and in well lit areas.
  3. Consider wearing a high viz, reflective tape or perhaps a neon badge to say you’re deaf/hard of hearing.
  4. Avoid wearing costumes that restrict your vision or hearing, or that trail or billow as you walk. A removable mask will make it easier to speak and hear.
  5. Plan your route, only approach well lit homes, look out for hazards on your way through yards.
  6. Agree on a meeting spot in case anyone gets lost.

Hearing Safety

In order to protect your hearing on this frightful night, here are some more specific tips:

  • The cold can drain hearing aid batteries. For peace of mind, bring spares!
  • Keep your ears warm. By keeping them warm, you can protect yourself from the risk of infections by maintaining adequate blood flow.
  • Take ear protectors if you’re going to a party that may have loud music or fireworks. Both could exceed safe noise levels and potentially damage your hearing.
  • Smoke can irritate your ears and make tinnitus worse. If you’re planning on checking out a bonfire, stay back to avoid the smoke.
  • Take regular breaks from loud environments. Concentrating on conversations can be more overwhelming than you realize. Not to mention, the environment is likely louder than you’re aware of. Give your ears regular hearing detox breaks throughout the night.

Halloween is a fun night, and your hearing loss shouldn’t scare you away from having fun. We wish you all a safe and spooky night. Don’t be afraid to call us on 212-755-5100 if after all the screams and laughter you want to schedule a hearing evaluation! Alternatively, click here to request your appointment.

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