What is Adult Audiologic Rehabilitation?

Minimizing the impact that hearing loss has on you is the aim of adult aural rehabilitation. It is a potential treatment option for individuals with partial or full hearing loss or deafness. Correcting hearing impairments with various therapies and the use of devices may mean that partial (or in some cases full) rehabilitation of hearing function could be achievable.

What Is Adult Audiologic Rehabilitation?

Adult audiologic rehabilitation is the process of treating a hearing loss, improving your quality of life, and helping to protect your cognitive health. A study published in the National Center For Biotechnology Information by Dr. Arthur Boothroyd defines the adult audiologic rehabilitation as: “the reduction of hearing-loss-induced deficits of function, activity, participation, and quality of life through sensory management, instruction, perceptual training, and counseling.”

Working closely with with your hearing care professional and applying a variety of techniques and methods are the best way to help restore optimal hearing.

What Does An Adult Aural Rehabilitation Plan Include?

Your lifestyle, social settings and work environment should all be considered when creating an adult aural rehabilitation plan. The hearing care professionals at Audionics NYC will consider at all of these factors, and look into the  available devices or technology that can provide further help.

Our team will include different types of therapies that help the hearing impaired learn to listen more effectively, as well as lip reading methods. Here are some of the things that you can expect?

  • Hearing loss assessment – Our team will need to determine the level of hearing loss you experience with a complimentary hearing assessment. This will also help us determine the cause of your hearing loss.
  • Relationships with friends and family – Living with a hearing impairment can impact our relationships with friends and family. Our hearing care professionals will provide you with communication techniques, and help explain to your friends / family how your life is affected by a hearing impairment.
  • Selecting hearing devices – There are a variety of devices available to assist people with hearing impairments. Your audiologist can help you choose the best device for your needs, and will give you information on care and use.
  • Utilizing better hearing technologies – Special microphones, speakers, smartphone apps and other various hearing assisted technologies can make living with an impairment a little more manageable.
  • Speech reading and active listening techniques – When discussing your audiologic rehabilitation, your audiologist will educate you on methods to get the most out of conversation and communication, while teaching you about things like speech reading. They will provide you with tips and resources to help you engage people you’re having conversations with, too.

Trust The Experts at Audionics NYC

If you’d like more information about treatment options for hearing loss, come in and meet the Audionics NYC team. We’ll start with a complimentary hearing assessment to determine your baseline hearing. We can also explore options for hearing protection if needed. Contact us today and schedule an appointment at our Manhattan hearing clinic location in the historic DuMont Building right on 53rd Street & Madison Avenue.