Gift Ideas for People with Hearing Loss or Hearing Aids

Finding the perfect gift requires care and attention. If the person in mind has a hearing loss or wears a hearing aid, you may be wondering what a suitable gift would be. To help you, we have compiled a list of our top suggestions below.

Practical Items

  • With a vibrating alarm clock they will never be late again! Some alarms will vibrate their pillow or shake the bed.
  • Many different types of Portable Assistive Listening devices are available that can help when they are out for a nice meal, or even when just watching tv at home.
  • A dehumidifier certainly isn’t an exciting gift, but it is inexpensive and incredibly useful for a hearing aid wearer. Reducing overall moisture in the air will improve the longevity of their hearing aid device.
  • A digital doorbell is the gift that keeps giving. Whenever the bell rings, a notification or alert is sent to a mobile device.

Gifts For The Senses

Although these gifts could be enjoyed by anyone, for someone with a reduced sense of hearing, a gift that stimulate ones of the other senses could be most enjoyable.

Why not consider:

  • Scented candles.
  • A hamper filled with tempting goodies.
  • A voucher for a massage, reflexology or other treatment.
  • A sculpture or picture.

For Music Or Media Buffs

  • Noise cancelling headphones are a great gift for commuters. Rather than trying to drown out the background noise by turning up the volume – they can simply block it out instead.
  • Bone Conduction Headphones connect through a cell phone’s Bluetooth or wired connection. They use the vibrations in your facial bones, namely the jaw and cheekbones to enable you to hear sound. Sound waves bypass the outer and middle ear to directly stimulate the inner ear. This enhances sound quality while filtering out external noise.
  • TV sound bars are designed to make sound more clear. Some use hearing aid technology to raise voices above background noise.

Stay Connected

  • A captioned telephone offers someone you care about the gift of communication. It translates speech into text, thereby making it easier for anyone with a hearing loss to stay in touch.

Hearing Loss Inspired Jewelry

  • Louder Jewelry [link:] create unique and beautiful ASL inspired statement pieces. This gift is something personal that spells out a special message and that they will be proud to wear.
  • Smart jewelry is fashionable technology. There’s a variety of available products.Options include tracking your fitness movements, measuring your heart rate, recording voice memos or preventing missed cell phone calls by vibrating or lighting up when a call is incoming.

We hope these ideas help you find the ideal present this holiday season. If you’re still unsure, why not book your loved one the gift of a hearing test? Come along with them and offer the gift of your support. For more information or to book an appointment today, call us on 212-755-5100. Alternatively, click here to request your appointment.

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